My swing, my pop, my music.

… with inspiration from Sinatra, Jamie Cullum, U2, Tom Odell, Adele, James Bond, and maybe even you.

I want to make swing- and big band music modern again. I want to play swing for old as well as young, all heights and sizes. And I want to do it by composing swing and pop/jazz music that appeal to a wide audience. I want you to love a big band though you may not be entirely sure what it is. I want you to be thrilled over its dynamics, its power, the many talents within it. Because how could it not amaze?

Listen to some of the big band music that inspires me by following this playlist:

With my music I want to unite swing and pop in a new genre that invites new listeners into the cave of big band music. I want big band music to be available to anyone and show as many as possible what 13 brass-players, a great melody and a solid band can do.

Till this day, I’ve released several singles, two EPs and I’m currently working on my debut album. Take a listen below or on your preferred streaming service.